Motocross Madness 25 Years Later: An LGR Retrospective

  • A nostalgic review of Microsoft Motocross Madness from 1998! Rainbow Studios is well-known for their MX vs ATV series and related offroad video games, but years prior there was MCM for Windows 95 and 98 PCs. And it was excellent. That invisible out of bounds cannon never gets old!
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    00:00 Motocross Madness, an introduction
    02:17 Unboxing the big box
    02:48 The dang game! And menus
    05:11 Mad gameplay
    07:46 Dolby Surround & Microsoft Freestyle Pro
    10:07 Stunt Quarry, Baja, National Race, Supercross
    12:55 The track editor
    13:37 It's still good
    14:13 Sequels, ATV Offroad Fury, MX vs ATV Unleashed
    15:18 Outroduction
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